9 Essential Oils for UTI

essential oils for utiUTI’s, or urinary tract infections, commonly occur along the urinary tract that runs from the kidneys to the urethra, although the majority occur in the lower section near the bladder and the urethra. This condition is far more common in women than in men.

When the infection is limited to the bladder it is not especially serious and can be merely uncomfortable. A condition that can often be addressed with prescription antibiotics.


However there are also certain essential oils that can be used instead of medications or in combination with them when treating this disorder.

9 Essential Oils for UTI

Application: the following essential oils can be used as a compress held over the lower abdomen where the bladder is located in the pelvis. These following 9 essential areas can be applied effectively for relief to the conditions of cystitis.


This is an antiseptic oil that will treat the infectious respect of the condition. It is also highly effective when addressing both the relief and prevention of bladder infection and cystitis with its antiseptic qualities.

This is also very effective when used as a bath which can also be a benefit to the vaginal region keeping out conditions that cause itching. Add four to five drops to a full bath of hot water, another mode of application involves adding 2 to 3 drops of Bergamot oil to a carrier oil and massaging it into the skin over the pelvic region.


Also called Melaleuca Cajuputi, this essential oil is highly effective for people who try bathing in it regularly. Simply add 2 to 3 drops of Cajeput oil into the bath tub full of water for a natural treatment to all manner of infections of the urinary tract.


Essential oil from the cypress tree is derived from its wood, and as a result has a very pleasant woody smell. It has positive effects that balance and ground the body, it is commonly applied to conditions of the liver and kidneys. This can be used as a compress held over the lower abdomen or as a few drops added to a bath.


It would be best to use the lemon scented type eucalyptus essential oil because it has been optimized for better anti inflammatory and curative properties. This natural treatment for bladder infections is also a good treatment for thrush, which can occur as a side effect of taking UTI meds. Add two or three drops to a carrier oil and maybe another essential UTI oil and apply directly to the region. Continue to do this consistently until the last signs of the condition have gone


This a soothing and relaxing essential oil that also contains anti bacterial properties. This means it is most effective in treating a vast variety of UTI conditions. Use a fourth of a cup of castor oil as your carrier and massage over the bladder region to address and prevent any conditions.


Also going by the scientific name Aniba Rosaeodora, rosewood oil is an essential oil that can be used on its own or in combination with another UTI addressing essential oil, especially cajeput or lavender oil. These combinations can be used to treat a huge variety of UTI infections, including cystitis.essential oils for uti


Also known as Salvia Officinalis in the scientific community, sage essential oil is another effective treatment for UTI infections. It has also been found to be especially effective in fighting the E.coli. And many other varieties of harmful bacteria. Thi8s can be used with a carrier oil, two or three drops into a few tablespoons of oil, and massage into the region as necessary.


This fragrant essential oil has been proven extremely effective when used in a bath. Adding a drop to your ginger tea is also highly effective at addressing the underlying reasons for infection. Add five drops to bath full of water, add a couple more if the condition is especially severe.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has many antibacterial, fungicidal and even antiviral compounds that make it especially potent against all type sof infections. Beware of how powerful it can be and never apply it directly to the skin. Add two drops to the bath water or one drop to a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply to the back of the arm. If no reactions occur go ahead and apply to the lower abdomen.

Use in Combination

For moderate cases of UTI , combine three drops of cinnamon, basil oil and oregano oil and put them into capsules you will take every day at least three times, for as long as the infection persists. Because every infection develops differently and for different reasons, it will be important to try several different combinations until you find the most effective one.

Other options to try would be lemongrass oil, juniper oil, cedarwood oil and fennel oil. All of these ingredients are equally effective in both alkaline and acidic environments.

Antiseptic type essential oils can be used in sitz baths, regular baths and even topically if done right. The best oils are fennel, cedarwood, tea tree and bergamot. Other oils that can be used in combination with these oils would be:

2 drops of juniper oil
2 drops of thyme linalol
2 drops of oregano oil
6 drops of tea tree oil

An ounce of a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, calendula oil or olive oil will do well. Simply combine the oils and massage the area over the region twice a day. Continue until all the signs of the infection have disappeared.


Final Note — be sure to combine your essential oil treatment routine with a solid plan to fight the UTI on every front possible. This will mean eating plenty of veggies and fruits, avoiding processed foods and drinking plenty of water.

Also remember that these recommendations are good for UTI, but if you are faced with a kidney infection it would be wise to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.



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