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Natural supplements for ADHD are very much in demand these days as people realize it’s better to go the natural route.synaptol

ADHD is a condition that affects 5% of the adult population and 10% of children in the US, but health experts say a good number of cases have not been diagnosed.

There are a lot of ways to treat this condition, and one of the most effective is to use supplements.

Through the years there is growing scientific evidence and hundreds of customer reviews that these products work and make a difference, but which one do you use?

With so many natural supplements for ADHD available it was difficult for me to decide which one to try.

I’ve personally tested 3 different treatments while trying to find the best solution for my son’s inattentiveness and hyperactivity and found Synaptol to be the best for improving his concentration and reducing his mood swings.

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Natural Supplements For ADHD In Adults & Kids

Vitamin supplements and remedies for adults and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have helped to improve their learning and reduce some symptoms. If you suffer from ADHD taking B-vitamins such as B6 can increase Serotonin levels. You may also consider taking Zinc, Calcium & Magnesium on a daily basis.

My Top 3 Natural ADHD Treatments

#1 – Synaptol (The Best For ADHD & ADD)

If you have been reading Synaptol reviews you know they’re mostly favorable and that’s to be expected given its efficiency. It is safe for adults and children to use and the liquid formula is tasteless and odorless, and it doesn’t have any artificial flavors that would dilute the effect.

The natural homeopathic ingredients have been formulated to work with your body, improving its ability to resist the symptoms. Because of the way Synaptol has been prepared, it’s effective for minor and severe cases of ADHD.


The best natural supplements for ADHD should have the ingredients in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of United States) as they’re the ones approved for use, and that’s the case with Synaptol.

The homeopathic ingredients are arranged according to the types of ADHD symptoms they get rid of.

  • Difficulty reading and writing: S. Annuus, R. Occidentalis, L. Cubeba
  • Hyperactivity and fidgeting: M. Piperita, M. Sylvatica, L. Cubeba and A. Hippocastanum
  • Forgetfulness: S. Annuus, R. Occidentalis, M. Pipterita
  • Inattention: M. Piperita, M. Sylvatica, M. Elegans
  • Impulsiveness: A. Hippocastanum, L. Cubeba, S. Annuus
  • Difficulty concentrating: V. Odorata, Medorrhinum,  S. Laterifolia,
  • Difficulty reading: S. Moschatus, A. Mellifca
  • Hyperactivity: A. Mellifca, S. Moschatus, A. Ferox

In addition to these, Synaptol contains other supportive ingredients that complement the active ones.

Side Effects

There are no serious Synaptol side effects, but Aloe Vera, one of its ingredients, could have a laxative effect.

Do not take the following medications when using Synaptol:
  • Digoxin (Lanoxin)
  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Glyburide
  • Warfarin (Coumadin)
  • Anti-diabetes drugs such as pioglitazone, metformin, insulin, glyburide and glimepiride

Synaptol comes in liquid form and is removed from the bottle via the included dropper. It is taken twice a day. A single dose consists of one full dropper squeeze containing 1 ml of Synaptol. This should be mixed with 8 to 12 oz. of water (non-chlorinated). Stir before drinking. You may also take Synaptol directly from the dropper. Children under 50 lbs. should be administered half the dose.

Should You Take Synaptol?

Synaptol is highly regarded by those who have tried it and we have to agree with this evaluation. It doesn’t have a lot of side effects and doesn’t make you feel drowsy the way other ADHD medications do.

When everything is taken to consideration Synaptol is one homeopathic medication you can depend on. While some ADHD medications just focus on one or two symptoms, Synaptol takes a multi-pronged approach and it works.

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#2 Brightspark (Close Runner-up)

BrightSpark reviews have been positive, and we have to agree with their assessment. It is a natural homeopathic medication formulated for children with ADHD and is manufactured to the highest standards. Unlike other supplements Brightspark is FDA approved and GMP certified.

The supplement is effective, but the time it takes to see positive results varies on a case to case basis. Usually it takes around 6 weeks before improvements are noticed. However with regular usage you’re going to notice the individual getting better.


ADHD natural supplements use only natural ingredients, and BrightSpark is no exception.

  • Hyoscyamus: extracted from the Hyoscyamus plant, it is rich in alkaloids including scopolamine and hyoscyamine, both of which act on the central nervous system’s cholinergic pathways and stimulates production of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter. They’re also effective as an anticonvulsant.
  • Arsen. Io: this is comprised of iodine and metallic arsenic, and together they provide iodide to your system.
  • Tuberculinum: this is useful for removing bacteria and getting rid of toxins.
  • Veratrum Album:  this is another homeopathic remedy extracted from its plant roots which is then mixed with alcohol and mixed.
Side Effects

There are no BrightSpark side effects. It doesn’t contain any colorants, artificial ingredients, preservatives or gluten. The supplement does contain lactose but it isn’t active.


BrightSpark comes in tablet form and can be dissolved on the tongue.  These tablets can also be crushed or powdered and mixed with water. The tablet should be consumed with an empty stomach. The dosage is two tablets a day. It is available in bottles, with each one containing 125 tablets.

Should You Take BrightSpark?

Based on our assessment, BrightSpark does an excellent job of relieving the symptoms in both children and adults. It’s especially good at preventing sudden outbursts and other inappropriate behavior. By taking BrightSpark on a regular basis you’re going to experience a more positive mood as it works down to the cellular level.

BrightSpark is one of the most effective homeopathic ADHD treatments we come across. It doesn’t produce miracles, but it does work and is more effective than many of the other ADHD tablets available today. For the best results it should be combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

BrightSpark is a potent homeopathic OTC treatment. With its formula you’re going to notice improvements concerning symptoms like recklessness, hyperactivity, distractibility and attention deficit issues.

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#3 Listol (Helpful For Concentration And Focus)

Listol is one of the most popular natural ADHD supplements for kids and adults. It is a natural alternative to other ADHD medications, is non-toxic and as we will show here, it doesn’t come with a lot of side effects.

Formulated for adults and children, Listol improves your ability to concentrate, reduce irritability and other symptoms of ADHD. When taken on a regular basis Listol helps manage the effects of ADHD.  


Listol reviews have spoken a great deal of its ingredients. They’re the reason why it’s so effective against ADHD, and we’re going to take a look at the most important here.

  • GABA: GABA is a type of amino acid which regulates your neurotransmitters. It also has anti-anxiety properties and has a relaxing effect as well.
  • Calcium: calcium speeds up healing of bones and improves bowel movement. There is also evidence suggesting calcium enhances cognitive abilities.
  • Magnesium: those with ADHD usually suffer from magnesium deficiency and suffer from daytime sleepiness or restless sleep.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A enhances your memory and boosts your cognitive capabilities.
  • Vitamin B6: vitamin B6 is essential for boosting the nervous system, hence it’s an essential ingredient.
Side Effects

There aren’t a lot of known Listol side effects, an indication of how good it is. However a few have experienced mild diarrhea, though the symptoms clear up in just a few days.


For individuals 12 years and above the dosage are 3 capsules two times a day after meal. Children less than 12 years old should take 3 capsules once a day following a meal. Do not take more than what is indicated because it might produce adverse effects.

Should You Take Listol?

Listol is as good as advertised. It is natural and serves as a good substitute for other ADHD medications. The tablets take time to work but as long as you follow the directions it’s not going to be a problem. There are a lot of homeopathic remedies available yes, but when it comes to relieving ADHD symptoms Listol is dependable. 

One of the most common criticisms levelled against ADHD drugs is they’re not safe for children. Listol is an exception because it has been proven safe for children and is more reliable compared to conventional medication. Whereas other medications consist of dangerous chemicals, Listol is comprised of amino acids and minerals which have been proven to be effective for treating ADHD.

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What is ADHD?

Before you take any herbal ADHD supplements, an understanding of what ADHD is, is essential. It is a chronic condition characterized by impulsive behavior, hyperactivity and problems sustaining attention. Adults and children may be both affected.

ADHD in children often suffer from poor school performance, have difficulty establishing relationships with others and have low self-esteem. Males are also more likely to be afflicted with ADHD than females. However the availability of treatments like the ones we mentioned makes the condition more manageable.

There are three kinds of ADHD:

  • Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive: most of the symptoms are impulsive and hyperactive.
  • Predominantly inattentive: most of the symptoms are related to inattention
  • Combined: a combination of the two. This is the most commonly reported in the US.


The primary symptoms are hyperactive-impulsive behavior and inattention. The symptoms usually manifest before the child reaches 12, but in other cases the symptoms manifest as young as 3 years old. The symptoms may be mild or severe, and it may or may not continue until adulthood.

Children with ADHD may exhibit the following inattention problems:hyperactive boy

  • Forgetting to do daily chores or activities
  • Losing toys and school supplies frequently
  • Distracted easily
  • Doesn’t like projects that require intensive concentration like homework
  • Has difficulty following instructions and unable to complete chores and homework
  • They also have difficulty paying attention to details
  • Makes seemingly careless errors at school
  • Cannot stay focused on play, school or other tasks
  • Doesn’t appear to listen when you talk to them

Symptoms for impulsivity and hyperactivity ADHD include the following:

  • Intruding or interrupting the conversation of other people
  • Doesn’t allow the person asking a question to finish and blurts an answerinattentive adhd
  • Gets frustrated waiting for their turn
  • Talking too much
  • Has difficulty staying quiet when engaged in various activities
  • Climbs or runs around at inappropriate situations
  • Always “on the go” and moving around constantly
  • Cannot seem to stay still or remain seated in the classroom
  • Squirms in their seats or taps their hands or feet
Apart from those symptoms, the following are also indicative of ADHD:
  • The symptoms have been observed for at least six months
  • The symptoms are severe enough to affect their daily routines, relationships at home and school
  • The behavior is different from other children

These symptoms are often seen in children but some of these may linger during adulthood. It is these conditions that natural ADHD supplements are meant to treat.

Regular Child Behavior and ADHD

It can be difficult to spot the difference between ADHD and normal child behavior because most kids are impulsive and hyperactive. It is not unusual either for preschoolers to want to move from one activity to another quickly, and even among teens and adults the attention span varies.

The same thing can be said for hyperactivity: some children and adults are more active than others. Some may even have motor tics. The difference is those with ADHD exhibit those traits much more strongly to the point it affects their schoolwork and social activities.

Bottom line: providing the best supplements for ADHD is going to help, but first you should take your child to a doctor to verify that it is indeed ADHD.

What are the Causes of ADHD?

Researchers have yet to pinpoint the exact cause of ADHD, and more work is necessary to uncover the facts. However medical specialists have discovered several factors that might contribute to the development of ADHD or make one susceptible to it.

  • Genes: genetics could play a role in making one vulnerable to it. If there is someone in your family with ADHD, it may increase the possibility of someone else getting it.
  • Nervous Central System: if there are problems with the central nervous system it could lead to ADHD.
  • Environment: some researchers believe the environment such as exposure to lead and other chemicals, increases your risk.

Apart from premature birth, some studies suggest that social deprivation, abuse, neglect and low birth weight increases the risk of developing this condition. Pregnant women who suffer infections make the baby more vulnerable to infection. There is also evidence that children who suffer a brain injury are more likely to end up with ADHD.girl with adhd

There are currently studies ongoing to determine if food preservatives are partly to blame for ADHD. To date there is no conclusive evidence indicating this is the case. However there may be cases of children who are sensitive or allergic to certain foods that worsen their ADHD symptoms. So while these foods may not be the cause, it could aggravate the symptoms.

We mentioned earlier that lead exposure is one possible cause of ADHD. However it’s not the only one. Exposure to dialkyl phosphate, chlorpyrifos and other organophosphate insecticides increases your risk.  

While we still do not know the cause, the findings above suggest there may be more than just one culprit.

What are the Risk Factors?

Before you take any homeopathic ADHD supplements we have to look at the risk factors as well. Aside from genetics the following are also being considered by researchers.

  • It has been pointed out that having family members with mental health disorders – not just ADHD- increases your risk.
  • Toxins such as those found on pipes and paint  in old and dilapidated buildings
  • Premature birth
  • Smoking, drug use or alcohol abuse during pregnancy
  • Sugar is widely believed to be a leading cause of ADHD, there is actually no evidence to indicate this is true.

It is important that you have your child evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible if you think he/she has ADHD. By having the matter treated you’ll be able to avoid complications.

What are the Possible Complications?

Complications can take different forms, but basically what it all comes down is it makes their lives harder.

  • For children it means they’ll have classroom struggles, and for adults it could mean difficulty at work. Either way it could lead to failure and criticism from adults or children.
  • Those with ADHD are also more vulnerable to injuries and accidents. This is especially true for young hyperactive children.
  • Children and adults are more likely to have a low opinion of themselves.

One of the most dangerous complications that could arise is due to their difficulty interacting with other people, those with ADHD could become withdrawn. This in turn makes them vulnerable to alcohol or substance abuse.

ADHD does not lead to psychological impairment, but if ADHD is left untreated it could cause other problems such as:

  • Difficulty learning, communicating and understanding
  • Nervousness, anxiety and stress
  • These difficulties often lead to depression as well
  • Easily frustrated, irritable and mood swings
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Manic behavior

Severe cases could lead unacceptable behavior such as destroying property, fighting, stealing and getting themselves into trouble. There is also evidence suggesting that Tourette syndrome is linked to ADHD.

Psychotherapy and ADHD

talking to doctorWe have spoken at length on how natural ADHD supplements, such as Green Teacan make a difference, but we also have to say that psychotherapy helps as well. Including psychotherapy in the treatment helps not just patients but also their families cope with the situation.

Apart from the supplements and medication, behavioral therapy also helps the person change their behavior. This can take several forms but usually it involves working through difficult situations, finishing school projects, organizing and so on. The combination of ADHD treatment and behavior therapy can also show them how to monitor their behavior.

Behavioral therapy also gives the person the opportunity to reward themselves if they manage to control their anger or thinking things through before they take action. This therapy also allows parents, loved ones and teachers to provide the appropriate feedback for their behavior.

Training those with ADHD is going to proceed more smoothly if routines are set. As we have pointed out most of the problems with ADHD stems from a short attention span, so by setting up chore lists, rules and other routines you’ll be able to help manage their behavior.

Children with ADHD can also be taught essential social skills such as proper response when being teased, waiting for their turn and being polite. When combined with natural supplements and medication, the child learns the meaning of vocal tones as well as different facial expressions and how to properly respond to them.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also encourages a person to be more mindful and learn how to meditate. Stress and anxiety are two of the most difficult problems those with ADHD face, and by meditating or doing other exercises, they become self-aware. Meditation and other techniques take some time to learn, but it’s worth it.

Living with ADHD

In our reviews we stated that natural treatments go a long way towards helping a person deal with the condition. However these treatments don’t work overnight and may take a while to provide relief.

There is still a lot about ADHD which we don’t know, so it’s essential that adults and children with ADHD receive as much guidance as possible. Because it’s a complicated condition, the patient, parents and teachers have to learn as much about as possible. Due of the behavioral changes that accompany it, those with ADHD and their families may develop negative feelings, exacerbating the situation.

Happy family


In the meantime, marital and family therapy can assist the patient as well as the family deal with the behavior changes, improve interactions with one another and encourage changes in behavior. Doing this on your own can be difficult, but there are mental health professionals who can help.


ADHD supplements for adults and kids have become an accepted way to treat this condition, and the number of options available is good news. However the quality varies, and you don’t want to take risks for yourself or your child. When it comes to medication you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.

And that is why we prepared these reviews of the top 3 natural supplements for ADHD. You’re probably asking now which among Brightspark, Listol and Synaptol is the best, and the answer is all of them are effective. And one thing is for sure: using any of them will make a difference.

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