Can Fish Oil Supplements Improve the Symptoms of ADHD?

Fish Oil For ADHD

fish oil for adhdThere has been a lot of discussion in the news, on the internet and in magazines about how fish oil can improve the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This article will investigate the link between fish oil supplementation and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD.


Recent research has been done on this subject and you will find the information located below. Once you have read this article, you will understand how fish oil can impact the symptoms of ADHD. Then, you will be able to determine if you think a fish oil supplement is the best choice for you or your child.

ADHD is a perplexing disorder that has confounded researchers, behaviorists, therapist, doctors and dieticians for several decades. In the last few years, the number of diagnoses has increased by approximately 3 and 5 percent. In America, ADHD has reached epidemic proportions in children Many experts believe that ADHD results from low levels of dopamine in the brain. If these levels are restored using either natural or synthetic means, ADHD can be either reversed or controlled. For many years, the preferred method of treatment for ADHD has been Ritalin. This medication increases the dopamine levels in the patient, resulting in an improvement of the symptoms.

The AA/EPA ratio refers to the ratio between harmful omega 6 fatty acids and beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. The lower the ratio is, the better it is for the patient. Those with brain disorders, including stroke, dyslexia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s generally have higher ratios than others. Leading researchers and doctors believe that an omega 3 deficiency along with higher omega 6 level may contribute to a variety of chronic conditions and brain disorders. These findings have resulted in researchers and others in the medical field to begin researching the link between ADHD and fish oil supplements.

In a recent experiment, researchers Dr. Barry Sears and Rene Espy conducted an experiment of children with ADHD. For eight weeks, the children were given 10-20 grams of fish oil daily and their insulin levels were carefully controlled. The researchers were trying to determine if improving omega 3 levels in the body and decreasing omega 5 levels in the body would make a difference in the symptoms of children suffering from ADHD.

The results of this study were simply astounding. Within a few weeks, they noted that the children’s concentration levels increased dramatically. In addition to this, positive behavior changes in the children were seen in the home and at school. At the beginning of the study, the researchers tested the children’s’ AA/EPA ratio and determined that the average was 22. Researchers also looked at the AA/EPA ratios in Japanese children were around 1.5. The researchers studied the Japanese children because the children consumed a lot more fish than American children, which resulted in a higher intake of omega 3 fatty acids.

After the experiment was completed, the children’s blood levels were measured again. The researchers found that the average decreased exponentially. The children’s AA/EPA ratio was as low as 3. This led the researchers to determine that the increased fish oil resulted in a decrease in the number of ADHD symptoms experienced in the children, including improved concentration and focus.

After the study was completed, most of the children continued with their old eating habits and stopped taking their fish oil supplements. The children’s condition deteriorated rapidly and they began to suffer from the symptoms of ADHD once again.

These findings showed that one can improve their AA/EPA ratio by reducing the number of omega 6 fatty acids in their diet and increasing the amount of omega 3 fatty acids with fish oil supplements. This decreased ratio may help reduce ADHD symptoms. Furthermore, the study concluded that daily fish oil supplementation can help manage or relieve the symptoms of ADHD.

The results from this study have researchers asking if the children had continued the regimen, would the noticeable benefits have persisted? Although the answer is unknown, the findings are impressive.

This article has supplied you with information concerning a recent study on omega 3 fatty acid supplementation and ADHD. Although this experiment is not conclusive, the results are still outstanding. Numerous other studies have been completed with the same results. Finally, because of the results from this and other similar research, additional research studies are in the works

The results by themselves are not enough to say definitively that supplementing your diet with omega 3 fatty acid fish oils and decreasing the omega 6 foods from your diet will reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If you would like more information about omega 3 fatty acids and ADHD or want to begin fish oil supplementation, talk with your doctor. Furthermore, this experiment was done on children, not adults, so it is unknown if omega 3 supplementation would improve the symptoms of ADHD in adults.

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