Yeast in Your Muffins: Getting Rid of Candida Naturally

getting rid of candidaThis article provides information on how to get rid of candida naturally.

We all know that yeast is good for muffins, but what about your “muffin”?

You would be surprised to know that we already have yeast in our bodies. We actually need it. It comes in the form of a fungus known as candida which lines various areas of the digestive system. In very small amounts, it’s pretty useful in helping with digestion and allowing the body to metabolize the nutrients from the food that we eat.

But just like any other fungus, it can grow rapidly and cause a lot of problems if the conditions are right. And one of the worst manifestations of this fungal outbreak is in the genital area.

That’s right. Yeast infection can happen in your muffins. The medical term for this phenomenon is called genital candidiasis. And although it’s not a fatal disease, it can cause all sorts of problems:

natural candida cure

  • Difficulty with digestion
  • Loss of focus
  • Lowered Self-Esteem
  • Hives, rashes and psoriasis
  • Lupus
  • Diarrhea

And these are just to name a few. Because the infection starts out in the digestive system, your symptoms will start out in the tummy. Instead of getting nourishment from food, it all goes to feeding the growing yeast in your digestive system.

Risk Factors

Since all of us already have the yeast in our bodies, it’s the lifestyle choices that we make that determine if the yeast in our bodies stays in control or not. Some of the things that can promote the growth of yeast include:

  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Constant stress
  • Antibiotics

You may consider this as somewhat normal things for a young individual with an active lifestyle. But constant work and drinking without any rest can cause the good bacteria in your stomach to die off. These bacteria are essential to keeping the yeast in check. When these security guards go out, the yeast grows and begins showing in various areas of your body.

About 75% of all women have reported a yeast infection at least once in their life. This could have shown on any part of their bodies. But the most common and frightening place to show up would be right in the genitalia.supplements for candida

If you experience itching right in between the legs and the tips of your fingers, you might want to check with a doctor to see if you have elevated levels of yeast in your blood. High amounts of yeast in the blood will show up through a routine blood check. Lab technicians are trained to read the various levels of materials in your blood and will let you know if you’re harbouring more yeast than you’re supposed to.

Another way to detect a yeast infection (before it shows up) is through a urine and stool sample test. Because yeast is a growing organism inside your body, it will also expel its own waste materials that go out with your own. A test that shows high levels of D-Arabinitol is a sure indicator of excessive yeast in the body.

Treating Candida

The first step in taking care of candida is to stop the growth of the yeast. That means you have to take a break from your current lifestyle. On top of that, you are also going to need supplements to inhibit the fungal growth.

The first thing that goes out of your diet is sugar. This is because sugar is known to promote the growth of yeast as it provides energy for the fungus to multiply. Instead of taking in sweets, a low-carbohydrate diet has to start so that you stop feeding your fungus.

To stop the yeast growth, you can take various substances to kill the fungi and restore the good bacteria in your digestive system. A number of medications are designed just for that purpose.

Some of the more popular forms of candida supplements include Caprylic Acid and Diflucan. What these substances do is that they immediately attack the grown fungi in your digestive system and break it down into a form that you can eliminate from your body.

In contrast to taking supplements for candida, you can also learn how to get rid of candida naturally through a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

How to Cure Candida Naturally

natural candida treatmentBut besides taking over-the-counter solutions to your yeast infection, you can also try some natural remedies for candida that don’t cost as much but will still achieve the same effects.

Plenty of natural food items will aid in killing the fungal infection without the help of medicines. These can be considered as natural cures for candida. You want to focus on eating fungi-killing items such as grapefruit seed extracts and berberine. The idea here is to destroy the built-up yeast in your body after starving it.

You don’t necessarily have to starve yourself by avoiding meals altogether, but depriving the fungi of sugar will certainly reduce its resistance to caprilyc acid and grapefruit seed extracts. That also means taking out sweeteners, both natural and artificial, for the mean time.

Processed foods that are full of gluten and preservatives are also known to feed the yeast, so avoiding them for a few months will be a strict rule of your natural remedy. The more natural your food choices, the more useless they’ll be for feeding the yeast in your body. And when the yeast cannot use what you eat, it ends up helping you improve your immune system and replenish the good bacteria in your gut.

Another part of your natural candida treatment plan is fiber. This is closely related to the digestive system as it helps you eliminate all the unused food material in your gut. And since you won’t be needing any of the fungus you have stored in there, increasing your fiber intake will most certainly help you get rid of the growth at a faster rate.

You want to take soluble fiber because you’re guaranteed these substances do not have any preservatives. Some great examples of these are pectin, flaxseeds and guar gum. These are prescribed by experts as a natural candida cure. Be sure to accompany these fiber forms with a lot of water to help wash out infestations all around your body. The yeast may be showing up “down there” but that doesn’t mean it’s not in other places in your body.

Finally, the last natural cure for candida is garlic. What first looks like something you throw into the frying pan is actually the most feared predator of fungi in the gut. This is because garlic contains concentrated amounts of alliin, allicin and S-allylcystiene. These substances are known to poke holes in fungal growth, immediately starting a decline in its development.

To use garlic in your diet, be sure to crush your cloves before chopping them to release all of its fungi-dissolving properties. About 4 or 5 cloves will show improvements within weeks. You can also consume natural garlic tea of you don’t want to include garlic in your cooking. Or you can always take the rough road and consume the actual cloves without cooking them first.

Natural Remedies: Healing the Tummy

While you’re kicking out the unwelcomed guests in your digestive system, you have to start inviting some ideal tenants in the space that you’re creating for them. These are known as “probiotics”. These are good bacteria that help the intestines break down your food and keep digestion going smoothly.

The idea of consuming bacteria may not be a welcome thought to someone suffering from a fungal infection, but eating the right kinds of food will help make the process enjoyable. Many fermented food items can serve as a great source of good bacteria.candidol for candida

Some great examples to choose from are kimchi (spicy fermented Korean vegetables), yogurt (tangy fermented milk) and sauerkraut (fermented chopped cabbage). These popular food items will both taste great and give you a good refill on the good bacteria in your stomach.

In totality, it can take a few months for you new diet and lifestyle to completely eliminate the yeast in your body. This is because you still need to starve them before you take them out. Since fungi are especially keen on surviving in the harshest conditions, it will take some time to make your gut an inhospitable area for them.

Some treatment cases can take half a year, some take half of that. Depending on how you change your lifestyle and control your food intake, your recovery is almost always guaranteed.

Psychological Support

Although you’re not dealing with cancer or anything life-threatening, dealing with a new diet, lifestyle and a growth in your private areas can be something that is hard to deal with.

On top of the mental strain, a certain part of then fungal cure is a “dying out” process that is exhibited by the worsening of the symptoms right in the middle of treatment. At this point, constant care should still be taken as well as vigilant efforts to maintain the diet. It’s very easy to promote the growth of a fungus, but it takes some time to get rid of it.

Aside from this “dying out process” you should also focus on taking it easy with the treatments. Doubling your intake of garlic and caprylic acid is not going to make things heal faster. These things take time but will be worth the trouble after a while.

Finally, when the fungus has been removed from the system, the infections, swelling, growths and even marks on the genitals eventually disappear. What’s left is a lingering lesson on how to keep yeast on muffins and not on your “muffin”.


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