Is Lemon Juice For Kidney Stones Effective?

lemon juice for kidney stonesAs blood passes through the kidneys, debris from minerals and salts to chemical are all filtered out into the urine. When everything is flowing freely life is great. When the process is slowed down it creates an environment where crystallized matter can grow bigger and bigger. Oxalate, salt, and calcium are the biggest culprits in encouraging crystallization in the urine.

What happens is that if these crystals do not pass through the kidneys and down into the bladder fast enough, and they grow bigger and harder to tolerate. They stretch the ureters, the thin tubes that lead down to the bladder, causing a very painful experience. This is what are known as kidney stones.

To scare you, even more, you might experience pain in the side, back, and vomit or feel nauseated. In addition, you may notice blood in your urine. It’s scary sounding but preventable in some cases. Limit intake of chocolate and tea, which is where most people ingest too much oxalate.

Before trouble strikes, though, drink plenty of water to ensure that the kidneys flush out frequently so that no crystallized structures have a chance to grow large enough to cause pain. If there are stones present, then physical removal and medications become necessary.


Lemon Juice Is Effective In Treating Kidney Stones

If you have already had kidney stones and dealt with any procedures to remove them, chances are you would rather skip getting them altogether. This is where lemon juice, in addition to dietary changes may come into play.

Other than containing calcium oxalate, kidney stones can also have a good deal of uric acid, struvite from magnesium, ammonium, phosphate, or cystine. While drinking water effectively flushes crystals out of the body, lemon juice is effective too. The crystals are acidic, and that is key to why lemon juice is effective.

Citrate decreases acidity in urea and stops the formation of kidney stones. Lemons have the highest level of citrate levels of all fruits. That means drinking lemon juice dismantles kidney stones and prevents them while increasing urine levels. It works so well that one study found that the rate of kidney stones in patients who have had them in the past dropped from 1.00 to 0.13. So if 100% of kidney stone patients had them, now only 13% had them or would develop them.

The Right Lemon Juice

If you can use fresh-squeezed lemon juice, that is the preferred method. Beyond that, go for sugar-free or reduced sugar lemon juice. Simply juice up to 2 lemons for 4 ounces of lemon juice. Then, pour the lemon juice into 1½ quarts of water.

Now when you are drinking water, it will have a nice taste of lemon to it. Do not dump sugar in it. Instead, if you want a little sweetness, add just a heaping spoonful of raw honey. Go with organic as you are attempting to cleanse your kidneys, not gunk them up with more chemicals.

Drink the lemon water throughout the day to keep the urinary tract and kidneys cleansed and healthy. At the least, start out the day by drinking some lemon water. Some people enjoyed it warmed up a bit, which will optimize the cleansing of the urinary tract.

You might even like to cool off your water with some lemonade ice. You can add them to water, or to other beverages as a way to include the lemon water. Some people like to use olive oil and lemon instead. Mix 2 ounces of olive oil and 2 ounces of lemon juice together. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. It is better to pace yourself and come back in intervals to drink a little bit of this at different times. What happens here is that the lemon juice works on breaking down the kidney stones while the olive oil helps to lubricate the passageways for an easier and less painful passing of the kidney stones.

If you want to mix it up a bit and grow tired of the lemon juice, try using cranberry juice or tart cherry. Go with the unsweetened varieties or try the raw honey trick. It is important to visit your doctor to allow them to make the best determination for your own personal kidney stone situation. You want to be fully sure that there are no other medical conditions going on and that it is safe for you to drink lemon juice.


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