Natural Anxiety Cures

Say Goodbye to this Debilitating Condition 

Anxiety is a widespread medical condition that can affect your day to day activities. Learn about the natural cures for anxiety and how to better prepare for an attack. 

natural anxiety remediesNatural cures for anxiety offer you a safe alternative to modern drugs used to treat this condition, and not only are they effective, but you don’t have to worry about unpleasant side effects either.

Whether you have a full-blown anxiety problem or just mild attacks, numerous non-medication treatment are available that will calm you down.

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Anytime anxiety or panic disorders kicks in you should try a cup of chamomile tea, and in just a few minutes you should feel calmer. In a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center in Philadelphia, patients with anxiety disorders were asked to take chamomile for 8 weeks, after which a significant decline in attacks were reported.

Scientists have examined chamomile, and now they know why it’s one of the best natural anxiety treatments available. As it turns out, many of the compounds in chamomile embed themselves in the brain’s receptors, much the same way as Valium does without the side effects. Aside from tea, chamomile is also available in supplemental form, usually containing 1.2% apigenin. Either way, you should experience relief after taking some.

Green Tea

If you want anxiety treatment without medication, then take L-theanine, most commonly found in green tea. According to research done at the American Botanical Council, L-theanine (and consequently green tea) slows down heart rate and prevents blood pressure from increasing, which helps explain its ability to fight anxiety. As far as dosage is concerned you can take as little as 200 mg and the effect will still be felt, although some need to take five cups of tea to experience relief.


One of the lesser known alternative treatments for anxiety, hops is found in beer, but you won’t get the benefits off the brew but rather in tinctures, extracts and aromatherapy. Unlike chamomile and L-theanine, hops usually isn’t found in tea because of its bitter taste. Hops is also often combined with valerian to work as a sedative to help you sleep.


If you have signs of anxiety disorder and want a natural anxiety treatment, give valerian a try, a natural supplement that relieves stress without making you feel sleepy or groggy. As an anxiety reliever valerian works very well, and it’s just as potent as a sedative as it’s used as a sleeping aid by those with insomnia.

Because of its somewhat unpleasant smell, valerian is often taken as a tincture or capsule. If you decide to take this, remember that it makes you feel sleepy so take it before you go to sleep and not when you’re going to work. While it’s effective in treating anxiety, you may combine it with lemon balm, chamomile or hops.

Passion Flower

passion flower for anxietinPassion Flower isn’t an aphrodisiac but an herb widely used both as a sedative and treatment for anxiety attacks. As a natural herbal extract, passion’s flower produces the same calming effect you’d expect from prescription drugs. While it’s effective for anxiety attacks. it’s also used as a sedative so it will make you feel sleepy. To avoid problems you should only take a little dose and see what the effect is. Keep increasing the dosages slowly until it becomes satisfactory.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has been used as an anxiety reliever since the Middle Ages in Europe and for promoting sleep. For many years medical experts were skeptical about its medicinal properties, but the latest research indicates that 600 mg of lemon balm makes you more calm and alert. These tests were conducted with placebo controls, ensuring that the effect was genuine.

Lemon balm is available in capsule, tincture and tea, but regardless which you choose it’s important that you take only small amounts or as directed on the label because taking too much will actually produce anxiety. Just like the other herbs mentioned here, you can combine lemon balm with chamomile, hops and others.


exercise for anxietyExercise is also an effective way to reduce anxiety, and it produces a lot of health benefits besides. When you work out, the brain releases chemicals that make you “feel good”, so there’s an immediate benefit. But the benefits are also long term because regular exercise burns body fat, builds muscles and improves self-esteem and confidence.

Naturally the more self-confident you are, the better you’ll feel about dealing with any anxiety attacks.

According to an extensive study done at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Columbia University, worries about health and illness are the most common reasons for anxiety attacks, so by exercising and staying in shape, you eliminate a major stress point.

The 21 Minute Remedy

Then there’s what experts call the 21 Minute Cure, which basically means engaging in any activity that gets your heart racing for 21 minutes, after which you’ll feel calmer. For instance, if you feel the onset of a panic attack, get on a treadmill for 21 minutes and give yourself a workout, after which you should feel better. If you suffer from serious attacks, extend the activity to 30 minutes, and it doesn’t have to be on the treadmill: you can try rowing, basketball, running or just brisk walking.


One of the most popular ways of dealing with anxiety naturally is to practice yoga, deep breathing or other forms of meditation. Yoga classes are available seemingly everywhere and you can do it yourself with self-help books and of course the Internet. The nice thing about meditation is it works as a preventive measure, so by practicing meditation daily, you’ll learn to be calm.

An Alternative Treatment

anxietinIf these natural cures for anxiety don’t work, you may want to try Anxietin, a specially formulated homeopathic medication which can treat different types of anxiety symptoms.

Unlike powerful drugs that produce unhealthy side effects, this product is gentle, all-natural and has three potency levels for short, medium and long term treatment.

Each of the 21 ingredients here has been scientifically and medically tested, and it’s safe enough for kids to take. Available in liquid form, it doesn’t have any bitter taste and provides quick relief from anxiety attacks.



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