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natural edema remediesThe medical term for swelling is Edema, and as well as touching on a wide range of topics regarding this problem we will consider the advantages of using natural remedies for Edema, and what the Capisette reviews have to say about this extremely effective natural solution.

We will also look at possible problems with prescription medication for this condition which can lead to side effects.


Why does Edema occur?

Edema is your body’s normal response to an injury or inflammation, there are many other reasons you can suffer from this condition; the medication you are taking, many medical problems and for women, pregnancy is a time of concern.

This condition is extremely wide ranging; it can affect a small area of your body or the whole of it.


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What causes it?

If small blood vessels in your body begin to leak they release fluid into your body tissues. As this extra fluid builds up it causes your tissue to swell.swelling in the feet

Many people who are on their feet for long periods, or those who spend a large majority of their time sitting down, often suffer from Edema and have a running battle with themselves as to how to reduce swelling in feet and ankles.

Doing your own research on Edema will reveal many feasible solutions. You just have to determine which is right for you.




 Different types of Edema


Medical experts have a different term dependent upon where the swelling is on your body, and the treatment for Edema should be based upon your underlying condition assuming one is known.

Here are six of the most often mentioned types:

Peripheral Edema

This is the most common type, and how to reduce swelling in legs and feet is a concern for millions of men and women worldwide.

Dependent Edema

This is when the swelling is localised in your face, neck, arms, and possibly, legs and ankles.

Periorbital Edema

If you have swelling around your eyes this is how it is medically classified, and due to the sensitivity in this area a sensible Edema remedy should only be considered. The same is even truer of:

Corneal Stroma

This is swelling of the cornea and can cause major vision issues.


Medically, this term is used to denote generalised Edema


This condition affects pregnant women, and it is understood that almost 5 pct of all pregnancies are affected. It causes a variety of issues such as hypertension (high blood pressure), the accumulation in your tissue of fluid, and the loss of albumin in the urine.

So you want to know how to reduce swelling in feet and legs?

Consider natural remedies for water retention

Prescription medication may well ease your swelling problems, but there is a possibility that such medication will have knock-on effects in terms of other health issues.

When you use an all-natural mix of herbs for water retention, you are following practices used for centuries, but to get maximum benefits from any treatment for Edema you need to address your diet and exercise regimen. These are all considered natural remedies for Edema.

Before we look at what the Capisette reviews have to say about these highly effective water retention pills let us consider some lifestyle improvements you should be looking at, particularly if you are looking at the common problem of how to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles.

Far too many men and women are currently suffering from this.
how to reduce water retention

Lifestyle changes

Look at your diet and start cutting out those fatty foods, lowering salt intake is a must, and you should be looking for a healthy, well-balanced and nutritious diet. Plenty of fish, grilled cuts of meat, and lots of vegetables and fruit will most certainly get you on the right track.

Your exercise and movement is another key when you are looking at how to reduce swelling in legs and feet. Don’t be scared off by this.

When you understand 30 minutes of exercise just three times a week will give you some huge benefits, and a 40 minute walk as briskly as possible every other day will boost your efforts no end, make these two lifestyle changes and establish:


Capisette – Naturally

Let’s take a look at why this natural solution is one of the most popular and effective natural remedies for Edema, and while doing so we will also consider any possible Capisette side effects.

What does it offer?

Capisette will help you in terms of reducing your symptoms because it provides the body with the electrolytes it needs in order for it to restore correct fluid transfer in your cells. Once this process is in motion it will then get rid of your excess fluid by means of natural diuretics.

Potent blend of proven nutrients

In terms of Edema remedies, Capisette has been developed by selecting the most potent blend of proven nutrients in terms of reducing your swelling problems. This is regardless of how severe your condition is. Once you are regularly using this powerful mix of herbs for water retention you really will be able to fight back against this painful and unwanted condition.


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Whatever is causing your swelling it can help

In terms of natural remedies for water retention, Capisette will go to work to ease your condition regardless of whether this is caused by a known, underlying condition, or simply because you are sitting or standing for too long on a regular basis.

It will provide you with a highly effective means of controlling your Edema.

Proven, natural ingredients

By working to replenish your system with exactly the nutrients it needs to combat fluid retention, you are using one of the most effective natural Edema remedies ever produced.herbs for edema

Capisette really is the pick of the bunch. Here are just three of the really powerful ingredients this 100% all-natural formula includes;


This electrolyte is one of the three major ones in your body, and it is felt that in terms of helping your Edema problems it regulates the flow of fluids into and out of your body tissues and cells.

Horse Chestnut

Studies have shown that this natural botanical may well reduce leakage of fluids from your capillaries that Edema causes. It can also promote far better overall circulatory health.

Ginkgo Biloba

This ingredient has been used for centuries in various natural treatments and in terms of Edema it works by enhancing your circulation as well as improving blood flow.

Along with other ingredients such as Dandelion extract and Buchu extract it is felt that the regular use of this highly effective supplement will reduce capillary permeability, increase your circulation, and importantly; provide an anti-inflammatory effect throughout your whole body.

Side effects of prescription medication for Edema

While it depends upon your current state of health and tolerance to the prescription medication given, some common side effects of diuretics are such things as urinating frequently and causing an electrolyte imbalance in your body.

Then there are the general ailments such as an increased thirst, muscle cramps, headaches, nausea and a general loss of appetite.

Capisette side effects

This is the wonderful thing about using these natural water retention pills. For the vast majority of users they will find no unwanted side effects whatsoever.

There are a couple of caveats here, and that is if a person is already suffering with dehydration or kidney problems, or any woman who is pregnant.

As with any form of treatment, if you have the slightest doubts about it then you should seek expert medical advice before commencing on a course.

Positive and Powerful natural treatment

Capisette really is setting the bar for the treatment of Edema in a natural way, and is easing this unwanted pain for many sufferers.

If you are suffering from water retention and swelling problems you can achieve the same results, and please remember; if you improve your diet and carry out some regular exercise you will be increasing the benefits, and therefore increasing your quality of life.

Capisette where to buy?

Without a doubt you should purchase directly from the company’s website. By doing this you will be assured of the original product. It will have been manufactured in high class facilities, gone through the company’s stringent quality control checks, and be delivered to you in a discreet plain package.

The company’s helpful customer service team should help answer any general questions you may have, although there is an extensive FAQ page on their website.


For any medically related questions it really is important you discuss this with your own doctor as they know your medical history, and are trained to treat you.

The final two benefits which should seal things for you is that you will be eligible for any special offers the company has at your time of purchase, and they also offer a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you do not see any results, or are unhappy with the product for any reason.

Get your swelling issues under control and get your life back!

There is little doubting that Edema and its associated problems affect millions of men and women in terms of quality of life and restricted or painful movement. When you go for the most effective of natural remedies for Edema, you should be going for Capisette.


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