Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Which Ones Are Effective?


natural supplements for hypothyroidismNatural remedies for hypothyroidism are growing in popularity. We will take a comprehensive look at this extremely common condition and what you can do to help with this problem. I, myself, was diagnosed with this condition. But when I started some natural remedies, it wasn’t long before I didn’t need Synthroid any longer.

The aim of the article is two-fold; the first is to help those who are already aware they have the condition, and the second is to alert the millions of people out there who have it, but are not yet aware!

If you can alleviate this condition without totally relying on prescriptions, then it can only be a good thing for your health.

What is Hypothyroidism?

This is the medical term for an under-active thyroid. This extremely common condition is caused when your thyroid gland is not producing sufficient hormones.

As mentioned, tens of millions of people worldwide have already been diagnosed as having an under-active thyroid, but there are millions more who actually have the problem and do not yet realise it.

Later in this piece we will explain some of the symptoms which should help you to understand whether this problem is looming, and if so what the most effective natural remedies for low thyroid problems are, but first let’s understand;


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What is the thyroid gland and what function does it perform?

This gland is located at the front of your neck and is butterfly in shape. It is just below your Adam’s apple, and each ‘wing’ of it lies either side of your windpipe. For such an important organ you may be surprised to know that it only weighs about one ounce.

Small, light, but vital!

It may be small and light but this gland plays an extremely important part in the functioning of your body. Its main role is to produce two hormones known as T4 and T3. These hormones are essential when it comes to regulating your body’s use of energy from food. They also regulate the vital bodily functions of your heart rate and your body’s temperature.thyroid gland natural remeies

The thyroid gland also works in conjunction with the pituitary gland to regulate your body’s basal metabolism. As your metabolism is responsible for breaking down calories and turning them into heat energy, if your thyroid gland is not functioning as it should be this process does not happen as effectively as it should.

Interesting thyroid gland fact

It is the only organ in your body that can absorb iodine. This is a vital mineral found in the foods you eat.

Common symptoms of an under-active thyroid

There are many which can indicate that your thyroid gland is not functioning correctly. The most common ones include an increase in weight; this weight increase occurs because your metabolic function has dropped.

Low energy levels and a feeling of lethargy are also common, and many sufferers report muscle weakness symptoms, dry skin, sudden and unexpected bouts of sadness and a feeling of depression, and that they feel the cold very easily. Poor concentration and constipation are also regularly reported, and another serious concern is that of high cholesterol levels.

Many sufferers try to lose weight and strengthen their muscles

Watching what you eat and carrying out regular exercise is admirable and can help in weight loss and muscle strengthening, but if you are suffering from an under-active thryroid you should also be looking at the use of natural supplements for hypothyroidism to help with this condition.

What treatment options are available?

We have already touched on the fact, but it is important to re-emphasise it. More people than ever before who are suffering with hypothyroidism are seeking natural supplements for thyroid treatment as opposed to prescription medication options.

We will first take a look at the ‘traditional’ route people generally take when they suspect they have a problem. This is a visit to your doctor’s office. Once we have explained the likely outcome of such a visit we can then explore natural medicine for thyroid treatment options.

A visit to your doctor

herbal supplements for hypothyroidismThis is obviously a sensible step, and just as sensible would be for you to make a note of how you are feeling, any symptoms you are now experiencing which are new to you and any other relevant information that can help your doctor. By doing this you will not forget to mention something which may be extremely important.

Your doctor is aware of your medical history, and if you are indeed suffering from hypothyroidism, the detailed symptoms you explain to him, and his examination methods should establish if indeed your thyroid gland is not functioning as it should be.

If it is confirmed your thyroid is under-active this may be an unwanted confirmation, but you should be positive because it now means you know what you are dealing with and can take steps to treat your condition such as a hypothyroid diet and meds.


The problem with prescription medication

Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors will make prescription medication their first port of call. You should be firm here and ask them to explain any possible downsides to such treatment.

Dependence on such drugs is not something you want to even contemplate, so be clear as to this, and understand the chances of having to stay on such medication for the rest of your life.

The potential damage they can do to your immune system, and any other potential side effects which may be encountered should also be fully understand.

Do not be afraid to raise the matter of natural remedies for hypothyroidism

While your doctor is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, and in many instances is paid by the giant pharmaceutical companies in terms of any drugs they will correctly prescribe, they are also extremely intelligent people.natural thyroid supplements

They will fully understand the process, benefits, and any negatives they see in terms of using all-natural hypothyroid supplements.

Balanced view

By following the above process you will leave your doctor’s office with information on both sides of the hypothyroid treatment coin. This will help you to carry out further research and fully understand what the most suitable treatment for you is.

Whether that is prescription medication with all of its concerns, or an all natural thyroid booster that is seen as safe to use and is effective will ultimately be your choice, but that is the important point here; because you are fully informed you have a choice

Your Next Step

Now that you understand your prescription medication options it is time to assess these against what is widely regarded as the best thyroid supplement available in terms of all-natural solutions.


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The all-natural, Thyax supplement

Let’s explain this completely natural thryoid remedy in a plain language:

Thyax is a natural thyroid remedy which works by stimulating thyroid hormone levels naturally. There is your key; naturally. It boosts low levels of the T3 and T4 hormones to help restore your thyroid function back to normal.

Why is this supplement so effective?

ThyaxWhen you read a cross section of Thyax reviews it quickly becomes clear that this formula has been extensively researched, developed and tested using only the highest quality ingredients.

These ingredients are extremely effective individually in terms of helping your condition, but when combined, their powers of hypothyroidism healing are second to none.

They get to the root of your problem, target the causes of your under-active thyroid problem, and set about correcting them.

Thyax ingredients

Any formula is only as good as the ingredients it contains, and the ingredients contained in Thyax are better than good!

Here are just 3 of them to help you understand why the all-natural treatment you will be receiving will do you and your under-active thyroid the power of good;

B Vitamins

The wonderful B Vitamins family are absolutely essential when it comes to energy production, your mood, the functioning of your nervous system, and wound healing amongst many other things.

We mentioned fatigue as being a common symptom seen by those suffering from hypothyroidism. This is in the main due to low levels of thyroid hormone, however there is also a possibility that low B vitamin levels in your body could be causing it.

Amino acids

Tyrosine is an important amino acid used by your body’s cells during the synthesis of proteins. Your thyroid gland needs this amino acid to create the hormones triio dothyronine and thyroxine.

If your body does not have sufficient amounts of tyrosine this means you will be lacking in these thyroid hormones. This can be a reason for hypothyroidism developing. Thyax contains amino acids that work to boost Tyrosine and other amino acids in your body and thus correct this deficiency.


Iodine is an important trace element which everyone needs. Iodene deficiency at any stage of your life can cause problems. It is linked to such things as developmental disorders in children, goiter and thyrotoxicosis.

In terms of your thyroid, this trace element is required for thyroid hormone synthesis. Even a mild iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders. Thyax helps boost your body’s iodine levels.

Thyax – Naturally the best way to help your hypothyroidism problems

While prescription medication will help with your hypothyroidism problems it can also cause problems of its own, and the possibility of dependency should never be overlooked.

This is the reason so many people are now looking to natural remedies for hypothyroidism, and are finding that Thyax is the most complete natural remedy available to help you and your under-active thyroid.

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