Natural Remedies For Water Retention

Looking For A Sound Solution To Edema? Go With Natural Remedies For Water Retention

natural remedies for water retentionThe problem of swelling in the body is caused by water retention. This is medically termed as Edema and can cause unwanted problems and pain.

We will look at natural remedies for water retention to understand how you can relieve such swelling and get on with your life in a normal fashion.

Why does such swelling occur?

Edema is the body’s natural response to any inflammation or injury you receive. Other things which cause this are any medication you are taking, medical conditions you are suffering from and women who are pregnant are prone to having this problem.

It is a wide ranging condition and can affect just a small area of your body or in extreme cases the whole of it.




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What is the cause?

When small blood vessels in your body begin to leak they release fluid into your body’s tissues. This extra fluid then builds up and causes your tissue to swell.

Increasing your chances of Edema

Those who are on their feet for long periods of the day, or conversely those who spend the majority of their day sitting down are more prone to body swelling problems than those who follow a varied daily routine. Once such problems begin it can be a constant battle to reduce swelling.

This is particularly the case in terms of your feet and ankles, and why so many people turn to water retention pills for assistance.

Edema and its many ‘strains’

As we mentioned swelling can occur in any part of your body. Medically it has different names dependent upon which part of your body it affects. Here are six of the most common:

Peripheral Edema

Without doubt this is the most common type. It affects your legs and feet and is a big concern for millions of men and women worldwide.

Dependent Edema

When the swelling is ‘localised’ and affects your face, neck and arms in particular, but it can also affect your legs and ankles.

Periorbital Edema

Caution is the name of the game if you are suffering from Periorbital Edema. This affects the area around your eyes.

Due to the sensitivity of this area and the potential for serious damage if not treated correctly Edema remedies should be carefully considered when treating this type of swelling.

Corneal Stroma

This is another major potential area of concern. It is when the cornea of your eye swells. If not treated correctly it can cause major vision problems.


If your problem is more of a general swelling issue on different parts of your body then you will be classed as having Anasarca.


We mentioned body swelling being a potential problem for women who are pregnant. It is understood that nearly 5 pct of all pregnant women are affected, and those who do suffer should look at natural remedies for water retention to ease their problems. water retention in pregnant women

The reason for saying this is that the problem is not just swelling. It can have a knock-on effect and contribute to such issues as high blood pressure (hypertension), an accumulation in your tissue of fluid, and the loss of albumin in the urine.

The most effective all-natural solution to your Edema problems

If you are suffering from Edema your physician’s first port of call in terms of a remedy will be prescription medication. While there is little doubt that such remedies can help reduce your swelling they also come with potentially unwanted side effect.

You do not really want to solve one problem simply to be saddled with others, and this is the reason that many people are now turning to all-natural solutions.

Here is one that will help you with all of your water retention problems:


capisetteThis natural solution is one of the most popular and effective natural formulas when it comes to helping you with Edema. It provides your body with the electrolytes needed to restore correct fluid transfer in your cells.

As soon as this process begins it then works to get rid of excess body fluid by means of natural diuretics.

Highly effective blend of proven nutrients

When you are looking at remedies for water retention you need a good intake of nutrients to help resolve your problems. Capisette has been put together to offer the most potent blend of proven nutrients available. This is regardless of how severe your swelling condition is.

Designed to ease whatever Edema condition you are suffering from

Capisette has been designed to show no prejudice! Whether the cause of your underlying condition is known or you simply spend too long on your feet or not enough time on them it will provide you with the most effective, natural means of controlling Edema.

Highly effective ingredients

The proven natural ingredients this formula contains work independently and together. They will ensure those nutrients required infiltrate your system and combat fluid retention.

Here are just three of the ingredients you should take note of:


This is one of the three major electrolytes in your body and in terms of your Edema problem it will help to regulate the flow of fluids into and out of your body cells and tissues.

Ginkgo Biloba

Having been used for centuries in various natural medicines and treatments this is an excellent addition to Capisette. In terms of your circulation it will enhance it and also improve the flow of blood throughout your body.

The final ingredient we will mention in this highly effective fluid retention treatment could well be very familiar to you, but not as an effective ingredient for Edema problems!

Horse Chestnut

Lots of studies have been carried out regarding the properties Horse Chestnut contains and it is understood that this natural botanical could well help in terms of reducing the leakage of fluids from your capillaries that Edema causes. It will also work to promote far better overall health circulation.

Evict Edema and Get On With Your Life

happy woman
To resolve your Edema issues and get on with your life as you should be doing, you need to be looking at top quality and highly effective natural remedies for water retention.

Search high and wide if you wish, but you will not find any better than the all-natural Capisette

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