The Daily News is Dead

Daily News is a tabloid that once had the highest circulation in the country. It was famous for its bustling, big-city newsroom, which was adorned with a wooden bench on which Dick Young, Jimmy Cannon and other News mainstays sat through the years. On Wednesday, the newspaper’s owner, Tribune Publishing, announced it was closing its New York City newsroom permanently and moving some employees to its offices in other cities. The company also closed the newsrooms of the Morning Call in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the Orlando Sentinel.

The New York Daily News has been losing readers for years, and its ruthless cost-cutting by its new owners has contributed to its demise. The paper has become known for its sensationalist headlines, which included the 1975 screamer “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” But it was more than just a tabloid; it was a civic institution, with offices in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, at City Hall and within One Police Plaza.

Amid a nationwide trend of declining newspaper readership, the 102-year-old Daily News was bought by a hedge fund in 2017. The News’s new owner has slashed its budget and slashed editorial jobs, leaving many staff members unsure of their future in a once-proud organization.

In an era when the media landscape is changing rapidly, the Daily News offers a valuable snapshot of what it’s like when a town loses its newspaper and struggles to find other sources of information about the world around them. The story of the Daily News is a troubling one that could be repeated in towns and cities all over America. This book aims to add a rich and detailed anatomy to the discussion of what happens when local news dies in a community and how people try to rebuild it.

The Yale Daily News is the nation’s oldest college daily newspaper. It is financially and editorially independent, and it publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year in New Haven and Yale. It also produces several special issues each year, including the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue, Commencement Issue and the First Year Issue. The News also works with Yale’s cultural centers and affiliated student groups to produce special issues that celebrate Yale’s Indigenous, Black and AAPI communities.

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