Treating Toenail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil Gets The Job Done

tea tree oil for toenail fungusToenail fungus is an extremely painful and embarrassing infection, particularly during the summer when people commonly wear open-toed shoes and go barefoot. The fungus is caused by an organism which thrives in moist, warm and dark environments.

If it doesn’t get treated as soon as it’s discovered, it not only can discolor and disfigure toenails, it can result in a really disgusting appearance as well. Tea-tree oil treatment is not only  an effective and simple nail care treatment, but it can be a remedy for numerous skin problems as well.


Symptoms Of Toenail Fungus Infection

The infections make toenails brittle and flake-like. The fungal infection begins beneath the toenails, and makes it difficult to treat. It eats into the keratin, which forms on the surface and destroys the nails. Once the infection gets to an advanced state, it gives the nails an unsightly appearance, and the skin next to the nails turns rough. Quite often the symptoms are mistaken to be an ingrown toenail, which are actually very similar.

Toenails look spotty and discolored, and the nails turn black or a yellowish brown.

They grow double their regular size and become thick.

They begin to give off a foul odor.

A smelly substance starts to accumulate underneath the nails.

In time, the substance causes the toenails to crumble and then fall off.

Toe have an ugly and shriveled appearance.

The nails become detached from their nail beds.

As this infection continues to grow, it starts to get very painful and difficult to wear shoes.

Tea Tree Oil

The oil is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, which is a treetea tree oil for nail fungus that is native to Australia. Australian aborigines have been using tree tea oil since prehistoric times for curing skin problems such as scabies, eczema and acne. It has also been used to dress wounds.

Tea tree oil got its name in ancient times, when the leaves were used to concoct a tree, for promoting healthy skin. The oil is obtained through using steam to distill the leaves.

Treating Toenail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a safe and effective way to treat toenail fungus is increasingly being used by people as a natural cure as a way of avoiding having to take prescription drug treatments. Not only are prescription drugs expensive, they are also considered to be unsafe because of the side effects that are associated with them. Tea tree oil is widely available, since it is used for treating minor skin allergies. The oil has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties, which provide a comprehensive cure and fight against various skin conditions.

Tea tree oil has an ingredient in it called terpenoids, which is where it gets its antifungal and antiseptic properties. A major constituent is terpinen-4-ol, which is a compound of terpenoids. Terpenoids can be used to fight dermatophytes, which cause diseases such as Candida and toenail fungus.

You can achieve maximum benefit from this treatment through applying it correctly. Before you apply the oil, be sure you aren’t allergic to it by putting some on your inner arm. If you don’t have a reaction, then you may continue applying it.

  • To apply, use a cotton swab.
  • Take the swab and drench it was 2 to 3 drops worth of undiluted tea tree oil.
  • Run the swab over the affected part, right under the nail.
  • A good quantity should be applied over the nail.
  • While you are sleeping use plastic to cover the area coated in oil.
  • Allow the application to dry for the following day.
  • Continue to repeat this application until your infection is completely gone.

The treatment is considered to be very effective, since even stubborn fungal infections may be cleared up by regularly applying tea tree oil onto the infected area. Although complete relief isn’t achieved immediately, within a couple of days of using it, a soothing affect starts to take place.

The tea tree oil remedy has the potential to make using natural cures a lot more popular compared to conventional forms of treatment. It has the possibility of becoming even more popular since it benefits many other types of skin problems in addition to toenail fungus.


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