Using Guided Meditation For Anxiety

guided meditation for anxietyWhenever you feel an anxiety attack coming on, it can end up leaving you unsure and disoriented, as this is a situation that can feel rather dreadful. Of course, there are anti-anxiety pills that you can take, but you need to have a prescription made out by your physician. Additionally, these pills can make you drowsy, interfere with your everyday life, and even become addictive. This is where a lot of people are now looking at guided meditation as a nice way to help them battle anxiety without having to turn to prescriptions so that they can feel their best.

Meditation is actually a practice that dates back thousands of years, practiced by priests, shamans and beyond. In the modern age of having medications that you can use for just about everything, people have started to forget that the best way for treating an anxious mind is actually working to use the power of your mind to help counteract any anxious feelings.

Here in the modern times, there are millions of people who are now practicing meditation as a way to cut back on stress, increase heart health, boost memory, improve focus and also break free from anxiety that can be debilitating and distracting.

How Meditation Works

There are different people that can use meditation in different ways. In certain cases, people will look at sitting up in a chair that is nice and comfortable, while others may do their best meditation as they are laying down. In each case, however, it will start with simple breathing techniques. Some people like to use breaths that are timed, being that they will breathe in for a couple of seconds and hold their breath for the same amount of time. They will then slowly let out the breath for the last two seconds. Others will just breathe in and out slowly, working as they feel their heart rate naturally slowing down in the process.

What you should know is that there are actually over 15 different meditation forms that you can choose from, each of which come with their own intricate design as well as various benefits.

It is always going to be best that you do meditation in comfortable clothing that you breathe in and out to a point where you feel comfortable with the next step of tensing your muscles. This muscle tensing starts at your feet and then going all the way up your legs, into your mid-section, then your arms, shoulders and your head. The process is then reversed and the muscles will gradually relax so that your body ends up totally relaxed. Just keep breathing, allowing yourself to fall deeper into a meditative state.

Both awareness meditation and concentration meditation are the two best forms of meditation to help with anxiety.

Can Meditation Really Relieve Anxiety?

Meditation can work to put both your mind and your body into a state that is aware and present in current time. When you are able to do this, you have a secondary side effect that is the actual reduction of anxiety. Being anxious is no more than worrying over the past or fretting over what is to come in the future. If you are able to stay in the present, the thoughts of both past and future will begin to fade, leaving you feeling in the moment with thoughts that are more pleasant.anxietin

There are a lot of people that will spend a great deal of time regretting things of the past and worrying about what could have been. There are plenty of things in the world that we have no control over, so there is no sense in worrying about them to the point of excess. While meditation will not take the stressors away, it can help you to manage them a whole lot better.

Meditation On A Deeper Level

Some people will meditate while it is completely silent, while others like to use vocalization or mantra to keep away any distractions. Meditation mantra can be as simple as “ohm” or you can use another phrase that has meaning to you. When you find that you want to vocalize during meditation, simply look for something that suits you best. Your thoughts will then focus on breathing and the mantra, allowing any anxious thoughts to take the back seat.

Medicine And Meditation

Today, research has shown that guided meditation for anxiety can improve mood and slow the heart rate. Meditation can also help to bring about changes in brain chemicals, which can lead to calm feelings, more pleasure and a state of happiness and well being. Just keep in mind that meditation is something that takes practice, so the more that you work on it, the better it will feel and help you with your anxiety overall.

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