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A business is a type of organization that seeks to profit. In most cases, businesses are able to achieve profits by producing or selling goods and services in exchange for payment. However, a business can also lose money or not produce enough profits to cover its expenses.

Some businesses are run by entrepreneurs with small side-hustles, while others are massive corporations with hundreds of employees and billions of dollars in annual revenue. They may be in different industries, and they can even have different types of products.

Business journalism is the part of journalism that covers the economic, business and financial activities in societies. It typically appears in newspapers, magazines, radio and television news shows. This area of journalism is a subset of the general field of news reporting and features articles about people, places, issues, trends and developments that relate to business and economics.

Katelyn Andrews has more than a decade of experience working with and for small business owners in various industries. With extensive experience in content marketing, data analysis and search engine optimization (SEO), Katelyn has written thousands of small business articles that have helped her audience make more informed decisions.

Adam Uzialko is an editor at Business News Daily, where he writes about small business in a variety of topics and focuses on public policy, healthcare IT and small business technology. He has worked in print, broadcast and digital journalism for more than seven years.

Kevin Hoe is a senior data analyst at Business News Daily, where he builds and manages the site’s data pipelines and models, designing self-service dashboards to help support all teams. He has a strong background in product management and technology consulting, and is passionate about helping readers grow their businesses by providing actionable data and insights.

Taylor Perras is a product manager at Business News Daily, where she works cross-functionally with engineering and each team to assess, prioritize and execute projects that meet the business goals and user needs. She has a strong attention to detail and passion for the company’s mission, and her patience and understanding enable her to oversee complex multi-thread projects from start to finish.