How to Write an Entertaiment Article


Often, entertainment articles focus on celebrities. This type of article can be difficult to write because it’s important to avoid making accusations or implications that could be considered libel, which is defamation of a person in print. To do this, be sure to research a celebrity’s background and look for information from sources like authorized biographies or interviews. Also, be sure to follow a celebrity on talk shows or social media to see what kinds of things they’re involved with in their daily lives.

The idea behind entertainment is to amuse, although the experience of being entertained has a wide range. Activities that were once part of hunting or war have become spectator sports, while others are performed in a theatrical context and still more are broadcast for global audiences. Storytelling is also a powerful form of entertainment. A single story, such as the tale of Scheherazade from the Persian professional storytelling tradition, can inspire orchestral works by composers Rimsky-Korsakov and Ravel, a film adaptation by director Pasolini and even an innovative video game.

Karaoke is a popular pastime that can be enjoyable for all ages. Writing an article about the best karaoke bars in a given city is an easy way to give readers a fun night out.