What is Law New?

law new

The term law new is often used to describe a subset of legal practice that seeks to benefit clients in innovative ways. This might involve a different staffing model, a focus on technology or the use of non-standard fee structures. However, the meaning of law new can be hard to pin down because it encompasses a number of different concepts. Those that are interested in exploring this area of practice should consider how it can be integrated into their strategic plans.

Law new can mean many things, but most importantly it should be about the client and delivering value. This is a concept that should be adopted by all legal firms, regardless of the size of their firm or the type of law they practice. By embracing this idea, they can find new ways to help their clients and improve the way they do business.

A well thought out plan making use of law new techniques will also allow a legal firm to offer the help that some clients need without impacting other areas of the practice that might be the primary focus. This can lead to greater revenue and client satisfaction. It can also provide a way to explore new avenues that may not be available to them under the current law.

As the legal industry integrates with businesses and society at large, it will move from internal efficiency to customer impact. The paradigm shift will be fueled by data agility. This will involve mastery of data’s prime value elements: capture, unification, applied human and machine intelligence, visualization, real-time refresh, and decision driving. The result will be greater value for the client, eradication and mitigation of risk, faster response to business opportunities, lower costs from protracted disputes, freed-up management to focus on core objectives, and more.

For the legal industry to evolve and succeed, it will need to revert to better serving legal consumers and society-at-large rather than preserving legacy delivery models that are outdated, self-congratulatory, and focused on profit preservation. This will include refocusing on customer-centricity, not just improving the existing law school system, in-house training programs, self-regulation and dispute resolution mechanisms. It will also entail a complete rethinking of the way the legal function collaborates with cross-functional enterprise colleagues.

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